Meet KEEX.

KEEX is a voice-based chatbot that can help you with your daily tasks. With voice recognition that is at human level, you can talk to KEEX as if it's a human being.

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Why it's better?

Never cut you off when you speak
Say something very complicated even for minutes at a time.
You don't have to speak carefully
Pauses, umms, filler words, rephrasing, no problem. It understands it all.
Say very long and complicated things
Wonder out loud, ask it very complicated questions, or just talk about your day.
The quickest way to get an answer
Settle an argument with your friend quickly without typing into ChatGPT.
Use it while walking or stuck in traffic
Learn a subject, brainstorm, generate draft of a document. Do more with your time.
Understands any language
You can even mix and match multiple languages if you are multi-lingual.
For those who have a hard time typing on a tiny keyboard.

Who can it be?

Subject expert
Powered by ChatGPT, you can ask KEEX question on any subject, follow up with more questions.
Brainstorming partner
Have a lot of ideas on your mind? Just say it out loud to KEEX and let it help you organize your thoughts.
Ask KEEX to take notes on your behalf, or draft an email or message to someone.
KEEX is also a great transcriber, use it like a dictaphone. Just say, "transcribe this for me".
Translate easily from one language to another, a great way to learn new languages.
When there is a lot on your mind, you just need to talk and vent, KEEX is an empathetic listener.
Life coach
Just need to get some advice on things? Talk to KEEX and he will help you figure things out.

Talk to KEEX today

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